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E Mae Lee
New Zealand / Singapore

Lee E Mae is a ceramic artist. Her explorations in clay began in 2016 as elements within larger mixed-media art installations. Deeply captured by the medium, she began developing skills in wheel-throwin
g and hand-building in 2019 at Blackjack Studio Pottery (Singapore) under the tutelage of Lim Meng Khuang & Karen Lim. E Mae is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, and practices out of The Clay Centre.
Mae's practice is simple—features as elemental as a curve, a line, or a texture are what guide her ceramic explorations. A mindful maker for a mindful audience, she creates for tactilely starved hands and eyes that are hungry for beauty.

photo_2023-12-14 11.16.20 am.jpeg

Image credit: Chantelle Lim

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